Great Books by Jack Riepe

Conversations with a Motorcycle

Conversations With a Motorcycle

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Motorcycles Speak Louder Than Words

Motorcycles Speak Louder Than Words

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The Motorcycle Rider’s Diet

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David Edge

Just finished it. A great read.  I couldnt put it down. Whens the sequel coming out?  

– David Edige

John Brase

I just read chapters 14 & 15. Goddamnit, you captured a part of my life as though you were there. 

– John Brase

Gayle Harig

Ahhhhhhhhhh, entertainment.  I love the book, I can relate to it! The entire book is perfect. 

– Gayle Harig

Dear Friends,

Jack Riepe passed away on October 18, 2023, after a brief hospitalization. We’re devastated.
On behalf of Jack, we want to thank each one of you for your support. It meant everything to him.
Book sales are currently paused. No further information is available at this time regarding the resumption of sales.
We appreciate your patience as we grieve our loss while reconciling any outstanding orders.
This was always his project; I just got thrown into it when I lost my dad. Thanks again for understanding. We’re on it.
In the meantime, check out his Facebook page for tributes and tales from the many who loved him.

- Jack’s daughter, “Kayo”