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Limited Time Offer!

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Conversations with a Motorcycle

This book is about seduction… Being seduced by the wind… By the scream of an engine… By the dancing of the headlight… By raw speed… And by the road itself. It as also about foreplay. The kind of foreplay that begins when a woman straddles the back and puts her arms around the rider. A mix of autobiography, philosophy, and humor, this is a testosterone-fueled account of one man’s struggle to define himself through his first motorcycle. Conversations With A Motorcycle explains the mysterious voice riders hear when on the road, and the consequences of listening too closely, or not at all. Autographed available, two illustrations

Motorcycles Speak Louder Than Words

The sequel to Conversations With A Motorcycle, this book is 25 chapters of backstory initially deemed too controversial for Riepe’s first moto work. It is a high-speed run through betrayal, crashed bikes, and exploded romances, with enough plot twists to cause whiplash. Riepe’s unique story-telling style is more pronounced in Motorcycles Speak Louder Than Words as his humor takes an even sharper edge. The author has become more comfortable revealing the darker side of himself and other characters introduced in Conversations With A Motorcycle.

The Motorcycle Rider’s Diet

This book is a philosophy for those who appreciate life’s punchline, and for those who occasionally end up as one. Riepe states that the true rider does not live by bread and booze alone, but through adventure, romance, cigars, high-speed curves on the edge of certain death, cursed redheads, wicked motorcycles, and traffic courts run by soul-eating zombies. The author is writing from experience, most of which worked against him. In some chapters, the “Diet” is an actual regimen. In others, it is a destination. It is also a person and a goal. It’s whatever Riepe says it is. (This book has limited potential for incurring weight loss.)